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What We’re All About

A GroTec Custom Cultivation Ecosystem is a fully controllable environment for cultivating cannabis and other crops. Their efficient layouts, irrigation systems, climate control and lighting are constantly managed to produce consistently high-quality crops.

Our Services


If you have your own team and are looking for guidance, we can add knowledge and coordinate planning. We can either help with individual systems, or coordinate the entire design process.

We’ll bring in the latest developments in technologies and equipment, and identify the ones that will best meet your goals. We’ll go over lighting, irrigation, structural integrity and architectural design with contractors and make sure that each supports more efficient use of available space and resources. The end goal is always the same: seamless systems integration and the most efficient use of available space and light.


From studs to finish, we remodel existing spaces to update the technology and create greater efficiencies. Whether this means switching from power-hungry fluorescents to energy-efficient LEDs, adding solar panels, updating scrogging, or optimizing water flow, we’ll help you get the best possible yields and quality from your existing grow.


Whether you’re a new grower or are ready to scrap an outdated system, we can offer you a complete range of industrial agriculture options, manage the construction process, and facilitate everything from getting city permits to the final flip of the switch.

In the first phase we’ll bring in our structural engineers, architects, HVAC and electrical teams as well as resource conservation experts to help develop specifications for your site. During construction, we manage all the subcontractors and make sure that the installations meet those specifications. This is what sets us apart—we don’t just know what systems are needed – but also how to make them work together.


Any working system with moving parts needs maintenance. Who better to do that than the people who built it? That said, we’re always ready to help optimize older grows by troubleshooting, maintaining peak performance, and upgrading systems as new technologies come online. We’ll help keep water flowing, reservoirs clean, and Freon replenished. We’ll do energy audits to make sure your grow site has the least possible impact on natural and community resources. And we’ll inspect seals and joints to keep the growhouse airtight. Because a healthy grow means a healthy business.

“We feel passionate about designing efficient sustainable systems, and we care deeply about doing it exceptionally well”