What We’re All About

A GroTec Custom Cultivation Ecosystem is a fully controllable environment for cultivating a diversity of crops. Their efficient layouts, irrigation systems, climate control and lighting are constantly managed to produce consistently high-quality crops.

Our Services


Whether you’re a new grower or builder, or you’re ready to scrap an outdated system, we offer a complete range of industrial agriculture options, manage the construction process, and facilitate everything from initial design to the final flip of the switch.

In phase one, we bring in our structural engineers, architects, HVAC and electrical teams, as well as resource conservation experts, to help develop specifications for your site. During construction, we manage all subcontractors and make sure that the installations meet those specifications.

This is what sets us apart: We understand what systems you need and how to make them work together.


One of the most challenging aspects of any commercial construction project is keeping the puzzle pieces moving and ensuring continuous communication and clarity. With a new industry comes new processes that can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. We will help communicate consistently with all parties engaged throughout the project. Navigating this process can be one of the most critical components to the success of your project and will save you time and money.


We understand that a healthy facility means a healthy business.

From troubleshooting to efficiency review improvements, even well designed agricultural systems need ongoing upkeep. Our maintenance service enables us to maintain the integrity of your agricultural and retail system beyond its build-out. We’ll inspect seals and joints to keep your facility airtight. We’ll keep water flowing, reservoirs clean, and Freon replenished. And our energy audits ensure your site has the least possible impact on natural and community resources.


Our consulting services are built on a foundation of consistent communication and a solid partnership with our clients. We believe in open dialogue, a free exchange of ideas, and anticipation and resolution of issues that could cost our clients time and money.

We’ll bring you the latest developments in technology and equipment and identify the ones that best meet your business goals. From lighting to irrigation, structural integrity to architectural design, our team will ensure your systems perform at their peak and seamlessly integrate with one another.

“We feel passionate about designing efficient sustainable systems, and we care deeply about doing it exceptionally well”