We understand the abstract regulatory, engineering, and agricultural requirements of  large-scale grow operations.


We know exactly what it takes, in the real world, to meet those requirements with integrated water-and-energy efficient ecosystems.


The big guys will give you an 800 number and ask you to choose standardized systems. We answer our own phones and launch a collaborative process toward a custom design.

Where We’re Going

As climate change puts stress on traditional farming and cannabis enters the commercial age, we find ourselves in the vanguard of an emerging and under-regulated agricultural revolution. Whether working in established or emerging industries, our clients need better ways to use increasingly limited resources.

Industrial agriculture gives our growers the ability to make maximum use of power, water, space, and nutrients, and to control variables like humidity, temperature, and seasonal light. As commercial builders we look to establish or integrate complex systems and facilities. We bring building partners who are highly capable and eco-conscious.

We are committed to the development of standards and new technologies that will make these sustainable, highly efficient systems a reality.


Our Best Foot Forward

At GroTec we have been building and retrofitting spaces of all kinds for nearly two decades. We will work closely with you to create or retrofit your site with innovative technologies to produce the high yield, high quality, and highly consistent output your market demands.

We meet you on-site, review operations on the ground, and encourage you to ideate heavily with our team; this level of collaboration ensures we truly understand your vision and can execute it most efficiently.

“We feel passionate about designing efficient sustainable systems, and we care deeply about doing it exceptionally well”